COTO is an Indytronica Techno group that began as a solo performance by miurashunichi (Vocoder/Synthesizer/Bass), later joined by pevo1go (Guitar). The new name COTO started in 2016, after miura's tour across major cities in Japan. The performance genre ranges from electro-pop to rock and electro-noise, creating a mature new-wave sound.







Pevo1go is Zoldsystem/Hazardguitar performer in the techno-like spaceman unit "PEVO". In 1996, PEVO released their first album, produced by VOLKYS PROLADUKE. pevo1go also performs as a support member in various other groups, such as "Kaku P-MODEL", "Bachi Bachi Sonic", "Concretes", "Shampoo", and others. peve1go owns the coveted title of Spotmystaffen on the planet PEVO.








Miurashunichi joined "P-MODEL" in 1983 as a keyboardist. He later went on to perform with "Uchouten", "Kera & The Synthesizers" and many other bands, and now plays the guitar in the post-progressive band "NESS". Centered around an emotive new-wave sound style, miura's career as a performance musician, composer and producer is over 30 years long and counting. miura is the CEO of the music production company "Beat Surfers".


1983年「P-MODEL」にキーボーディストとして加入。以降、「有頂天」「ケラ&ザ・シンセサイザーズ」をはじめとする幾多のバンド活動を経て、 現在はポスト・プログレバンド「NESS」のギタリストを務める。エモーショナルなニューウェーブサウンドを得意とし、プロデュース/作曲活動を含む音楽家歴は30数年。音楽制作会社「ビートサーファーズ」代表。